The Cruz Law firm handles all types of immigration cases including immigration removal and court defense cases. Our firm can assist you with family, business, deportation and removal, immigrant and non-immigrant visas cases. We can help your family achieve your dreams of keeping the family together. Whether it is re-uniting with family who are currently living outside of the United States or keeping the family together by defending a family member who is in deportation and removal proceedings.
Attorney David Cruz has handled many immigration court removal cases and has the experience to help you keep your family united.
Contact our office today. In immigration cases you want to get a professional and experienced attorney involved in your case as early as possible in order to preserve your rights and to not lose any opportunities and defenses that are sometimes lost when cases are not handled properly from the very beginning. Attorney David Cruz speaks Spanish and has handled clients cases from all over Tennessee and around the United States.
Come see us today for:

  • Family immigration
  • Business immigration
  • Defense immigration
  • Federal Court removal defense
  • Business and employment-based immigrant visa
  • Non-immigrant visas
  • Removal / Deportation defense
  • Deferred Action for Children
  • Adoption Immigration cases

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